Thursday, May 1, 2014

C2E2 Recap and upcoming events!

We had a great time at C2E2, there is always such a fun vibe there and so many great people. This was our first event debuting our red Con*Quest Adventure Journal™. Every person we talked with said "what a GREAT idea!" We had some customer pre-orders who picked up their journals at the booth and their feedback was amazing.

Our next events: You can pick up our original brown Con*Quest Adventure Journal at Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural DCcon this weekend (May 2 to 4) in the vendor room at Creation tables! There is a very limited quantity, so get yours FAST.

Dallas Comic Con May 16 to 18: We don't have our booth number yet, but you can pre-order a journal and get a FREE CANVAS TOTE! You can pick it up in the booth at the show. Order here!

Wizard World Philadelphia June 19 - 22. We will have pre-orders up closer to the show for this one too.

Here is a quick photo recap of C2E2:

Our debut journal was a C2E2 Show Exclusive!

Would ya look at that spread

Clearly I needed more signage

Next time: a table runner on the front. We still have to explain what the journal is

"WHERE'S CARL??" - he was at C2E2 signing my journal

Author Kevin Hearne! I love him

Kevin DREW Oberon in my journal.

Um. I fangirled on Kevin
People love, love the long handled canvas bags

They needed more lightsabers...

EXTERMINATE! In trendy yellow no less

Don't blink suckas!

My fangs made the outfit.

At least he didn't end up with gray cake makeup between his toes like I did

After con carb fest: Bacon and Macaroni and Cheese at Emerald Loop

I'm so proud
If you went to C2E2, what was your favorite part of the show? And if you picked up a journal, tell us how it made your show even more fun!

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